Our Story


The Wandering Twins’ Perspective

Hello, I am Catherine, a Wandering Twin. I am 10 years old and in the fourth grade with my brother, another Wandering Twin. I live in America. I love to travel, just like my family. I like to travel because I find it very exiting and informational. Also, it’s just and excuse to watch T.V. (Rick Steve’s Europe). I recommend it to you travelers. Another thing I like about traveling is meeting new people and trying new things ( especially the food)! Traveling is a great thing for people who want to see how other people embrace the world.

Hello I am Nate, another traveling twin and I like to travel to see new things and taste new things also it is fun to meet new people and see landmarks! I am very lucky to be born into a Traveling Family and I hope you will travel around the world and I wish you luck, May the Force be with you!

The Parental Perspective

I have always loved to travel and was determined that having kids wouldn’t keep me from seeing as much of the world as possible.  We took our first “big” trip when the kids were in 1st grade.  With daycare expenses behind us, we could finally save for vacations!  Making our first overseas trip with the twins even easier, I had a dear friend living in the Republic of Georgia who has a daughter the same age as the twins.  Not knowing how long they would be in Tbilisi, we jumped at the chance to visit them.  I soaked up all the advice my friend gave about traveling with kids and it made a world of difference for how we approached the trip – I was more relaxed and confident and the kids pick up on that.

One morning a few weeks ago, my daughter asked me what my dream job was.  After answering, I posed the same question to her.  Catherine’s response: a travel writer.  To support the pursuit of her dream job, this travel blog was born.  Many of the reviews and posts will be from their experiences with a good bit of “Parental Perspective” thrown in for additional insight.

Since our trip to the Republic of Georgia, we’ve had a few more adventures.  As the kids get a little older, making them a part of the planning has made each trip a little more interesting.  So welcome our blog and the stories of our adventures!

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